Launching Q2 2022 with research projects 🎉

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Following are projects we have built to voice all probono

Betting on the future

Send an email to your future self!

As we at all probono trust in the future success of the medical research project on our page, we believe that you have an exciting journey ahead. Let’s see where you are going to be once the message arrives in a few weeks, months or even years- It’s your journey, bet on it today.


Find your next charity project!

Looking for a way to spend your time and skills purposefully with a greater mission? On this website you can find an overview of non-profit projects, like all probono, that would love to welcome you as their volunteer.

Science calendar

Get reminded of interesting medical science events!

Medical research happens around us all the time. All probono is dedicated to supporting the funding of such projects. At the same time we want to raise awareness of what is happening out there by adding interesting medical events to your google calendar.