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About us

All Probono is a non-profit with a non-profit status in Sweden. All Probono offers and mainteance a donation platform for early-stage medical research to find complementary funding from donors that cares about a particular disease. We are a small team of dedicated people that works with this non-profit. With our focus on accessing public donations, we want to help others to soar and to continue to carry out their vital and life-saving work.

Our mission and actions

With the matchmaking between donors and researchers we believe that more research can be funded and ultimately more diseases cured.

Get in contact with us

Contact us at if you have any questions or feedback on our work.

All Probono ( is a registered non-profit in Sweden providing platform for donations to support funding of medicial research

Organization number: 802533-5764

We also looking for donations for our own plattform

Donation link to all probono